I tried Kate Middleton's updo, here's what happened

Anyone who sees me on a regular basis knows my hair is typically pulled back into a bun. Perhaps it's the last remnant of my classical dance training or maybe I'm just lazy, but my go-to hair style screams ballerina, and a low-maintenance one at that. For this week's edition of "Putting Pinterest to the Test," I decided to make a change and tried out an updo inspired by Kate Middleton's hair.

While slightly less popular than her sister's rear end, the Duchess' 'do is one to be envied, and not underestimated. She may have done her own makeup for the royal wedding, but her hair? She left that to the professionals.

Beauty guru Ashley from Eisy Morgan promised this DIY was not only possible, but "pretty easy" so I got started.

Known as a "Dutch braid," the style starts out as a reversed braid (cross the strands under, instead of over). Not too difficult! Then, fold the braid under and bobby pin it. That's where my version began to differ from Pinterest perfection. I'd recommend asking a friend to help you out, or devising a complex system of mirrors so you can actually see the back of your head.
The beauty experiment that had such a promising start quickly snowballed. I couldn't quite see in the video what to do with the hair I'd separated out earlier, so I improvised. Maybe not the best choice as it turned a pretty decent braid into something of a rat's nest.

My final product definitely wasn't princess-worthy, but I'd give it a go again, only next time I'll con a friend into being my second set of hands.

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