Karlie Kloss' mom helped her pack for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Supermodel Karlie Kloss is an expert when it comes to travel. The Victoria's Secret Angel and jet-setter is never in one place for long (re: her Instagram account). While flying to London for the much-anticipated Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, we caught up with Karlie and found out that while she may be a pro at traveling, she needs a little help from someone special to get her there.

"I am very unorganized when it comes to packing," revealed Karlie. "This past week was actually quite difficult. Since it was Thanksgiving, I flew home to be with my family and came back to New York City on Friday," - only 2 days before jetting off to London. "My mom is a meticulous packer. I have to admit, she actually helped me pack for this trip."

Final boarding call for the 2014 #VSFashionShow. Tune in 12/9, 10/9C on #CBS.

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For the 22-year-old bombshell, traveling is a part of the job and she's got a few travel essentials that get her through those long flights. "I love bringing a pair of fuzzy socks and a pair of comfy sweatpants that I can just roll up," remarked Karlie. When asked how she passes the time on long flights to Paris or sunny California, Karlie revealed one quirky habit. "I don't have a lot of patience for sitting through a whole movie. I'll always watch all the trailers before, I spend an hour at least watching all of them and then commit to one. I also love to read and catch up on emails."

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show takes place in London on December 2nd and airs one week later on December 9th. Be sure to check back into StyleList for complete coverage of this highly-anticipated event.
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