Jennifer Lawrence's reaction to meeting Kim Kardashian is priceless

Add this to our ever-growing list of reasons to love Jennifer Lawrence: She can shamelessly fan-girl like the best of us.

Exhibit A: J. Law recently ran into Kim Kardashian in New York, Kim told The Sun. "We said, 'Hi', and walked into the elevator and as the doors were closing, she screamed across the lobby, 'I love your show!'. We were laughing so hard," Kim said.

Exhibit B: This isn't the first time she's proclaimed her Kardashian-love. "When I'm out, I think about my couch," she told Marie Claire South Africa in 2012. "Am I missing a new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians? I'm just stressed by the idea of missing them."

The mental image of Jennifer Lawrence shrieking in excitement like me at an 'NSYNC concert circa 2000 is enough to put a smile on my face pre-coffee today. Plus, she and I share eerily similar feelings towards our couches. But most of all, I'd love to sit and chat with her, fan-to-fan, to get her perspective on important topics like Kylie's lips and Bruce's transformation.

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