January purse pick: cornered

By: AllyCog

Empiria "Samantha" Tote via Nordstrom

This isn't the first time I've obsessed over a navy blue bag as a monthly Purse Pick. I just really feel like navy is having a moment, you know? Sure, "radiant orchid" is supposed to be the color of the year and everything, but I find navy much more wearable. Probably because it's so close to black.

Either way, I'm totally loving the size, shape and construction of this bag from Nordstrom. I'm a huge fan of the tote style, and have lately have been making use of the shoulder straps on my own purses -- which this one has -- as I'm becoming more and more appreciative of having both hands free while out shopping (preparation for baby, perhaps?). And I definitely think the metal Alexander Wang-esque detailing on the corners takes it to the next level. The price is pretty phenom, too!

Happy weekend!
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