Is Nicole Kidman Wearing the Valentino Dress Anne Hathaway 'Snubbed' at the Oscars?

Anne Hathaway was to this year's Oscars what Kim Kardashian was to the Met Ball. Everything from her hair to her acceptance speech to her Prada dress got picked apart by viewers. The latter was particularly controversial when it turned out she may have snubbed Valentino by wearing it.

Valentino, who designed Hathaway's wedding dress, sent out a press release that day stating that Hathaway would be wearing Valentino couture to the event. Then, we heard from a source that Hathaway ditched the Valentino at the last minute because it looked too similar to the McQueen dress her Les Mis co-star Amanda Seyfried was wearing. Scandal!

We deduced, then, that this dress from Valentino's spring 2013 couture collection–-which does look a lot like Seyfried's McQueen–-was the snubbed gown.

But that didn't mean it wouldn't get a major red carpet moment of its own.

Somehow, the gown (if it is the gown in question. Valentino did not confirm.) made it from Rachel Zoe's studio all the way to Cannes, where jury member Nicole Kidman wore it to the premiere of Nebraska earlier today. She looked stunning, as she has all week.

Think Hathaway would have worn it better?

Photo Credit: Fashionista

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