How to style a backpack

The backpack. I honestly have not worn one since I was probably 18. My reasons for not wanting to sport one in about 10 years (yikes) are quite simple. They were never that cute (that has changed), and I always associated them with high school. I guess I was really sick of them because the second I got to college, I switched to the messenger. It's funny how things change & trends recycle because now the backpack is everywhere and I cannot get enough.

It really is the hands free bag that not only looks cute but is so practical. Have you carried one in a while? They can fit SO much. I mean can you honestly say that in your everyday tote you can fit a laptop, cosmetics, magazines, ipad and so much more? Probably not, but if you can please let me know where you get such a tote!

Needless to say, I never thought I would carry a backpack again post-school but you guys, they are great and come in so many different shapes, sizes and styles you can really get one that works for you! What's next...the fanny pack? Well, I can already tell you I will be the first in line when those bad boys make their appearance again.
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