How to prevent your perfume from going bad

I've never had a signature perfume. I always wanted to have a lot of fragrance choices, so since high school my bathroom has been cluttered with bottles. That all changed when I met Fabrice Penot, one of the co-founders of Le Labo, a few years ago -- now my fridge is cluttered instead.

This tip is an oldie but a goodie, but now that it's hot as blazes outside, you should think about protecting your fragrances, because extreme heat can make them go bad. When Penot told me to store all my perfumes in the refrigerator, I thought it was weird, but I did as told. (Because when attractive perfumers with French accents make recommendations, I tend to listen.) Bonus: it also feels cool and refreshing when you spritz it on your neck and pulse points. Le Labo Neroli 36, one of my favorite scents ever, sits next to Jour d'Hermes, which sits next to my new favorite summer fragrance, Jean Paul Gaultier's Summer 2014 Classique. (It's delicious -- get it here.)

Just a word of warning, though. Extreme cold can be just as bad as extreme heat, so if you have one of those refrigerators that freezes the veggies in the crisper, skip it. This is one of the reasons I keep them on the door, because the temperature isn't as low there.

Happy summer spritzing.

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