How to make your body look more like Kim Kardashian's in 30 seconds

I know there's a lot to talk about today regarding Kim Kardashian, between the tacking stunt and the matching cleavage she wore in Paris yesterday, but there's another topic I'd like to bring up: the amount of body shimmer she was wearing.

You can see a hint of it on her cleavage, but if you zero in on her legs, it becomes more apparent:

She's clearly wearing shimmery body bronzer-something she's used to make her butt look fantastic in a swimsuit before. And it's not shocking that she'd reach for this product to make her skin look extra fantastic seeing as there is one in her and her sisters' Kardashian Beauty line.

Clearly she's a fan. And you can be too, if you want your body to look a little more Kardashian-esque. My only warning to you if you try one of these products is to smear it on a good half hour before you get dressed. Otherwise you'll end up bronzing all your clothes.

A couple more to consider: Nars Body Glow and The Body Shop Honey Bronze Dry Oil.

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