How to keep your hair salon fresh

We all love the feeling of walking out of the salon with a fresh new style. Whether it's getting your roots touched up, having dull hair chopped off, or the lightness of a blowout, you usually leave on cloud nine. But have you ever felt the magic of that salon visit dwindle away after just a couple of weeks? We certainly have. For some reason, that new color fades, the cut doesn't lay right, and you can't get the same volume your stylist gave you. Well today, I'm going to teach you three ways you can you can stay salon fresh. Pretty soon "Uptown Funk" will become your new theme song!

1. Get regular trims
This is perhaps the most important way to keep your hair healthy and manageable. You should stop in about once every 5-6 weeks and ask your stylist to just dust the ends off. You can do it either wet or dry, and stylists will usually charge a fairly small amount. For those with bangs, most stylists do trims either for free or less than $10, depending on where you're located.

2. Get your hair toned
For blondes, you may start to see those bright highlights fade into a dull brassy hue. For brunettes and red heads, you might notice that your color just isn't as rich after a few washes. An easy solution to getting a more vibrant (and shiny) color, is to stop by for a toner or glaze from your stylist. It's a semi-permanent color that is applied onto wet hair to freshen up your locks. Simply squeeze in an appointment at your salon – you can even leave with your hair wet! Most stylists charge less than $20 for a quick toner. Totally worth it every 3 weeks or so in between root touchups.

3. Deep Condition
When I was working as a stylist, one thing I always mentioned to clients was to deep condition at least once a week. With all the heat, color, and strain we put on our locks, they need a little TLC every once in a while. Keeping your hair moisturized will help in achieving salon-worthy results each time you get ready in the morning. Our friends at Bloke Bodyhave recently come out with a stellar hair treatment! At only $25 you can get several deep conditioning treatments out of it, plus your hair will smell like heaven!

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