Do's and don'ts for girls who dye their hair

By: The Beauty Experts at L'Oréal Paris

It's the little details that can make or break your hair color game. Did you know that a deep-conditioning treatment could remove tone from your strands? Or that choosing the "wrong" color can make your dyed 'do look infinitely better? Crazy, right?! In an attempt to keep our ombre vibrant and maintain our new fall hues, we reached out to one of our favorite celebrity colorists: Kari Hill. She's the master behind Taylor Schilling's and Charlize Theron's blond locks. The Deschanel sisters (Emily and Zooey) swear by her color skills. And now you can, too. She filled us in on some of the top mistakes to avoid and the brilliant solutions to try instead. Read on, and your red, platinum, violet, ombre -- you get the idea -- hair will look better than ever.

Do: Blend Your Ombre Into Highlights
If you're trying to smooth out a more dramatic, dip-dyed ombre effect, blend your ends higher into the hair for a subtler highlighted look -- hello, s'ombre! A super-careful and thorough application is key and will help prevent unwanted spots of color. The best practice: Use oversize cotton rounds (or the circular pads that double as face wipes) on top of and underneath each highlighted piece to isolate the hair and prevent bleeds.

Don't: Only Use One Color in a Single-Process Application
If you always do a single-shade allover color application, try leaving the hairline void of that color. Then use a hue one level lighter there -- this will soften the transition from hair to skin and help avoid locks that look too dyed or wig-like.

Do: Speed Up Your Highlight Process With Plastic Wrap
One way to accelerate a lightening process is to clip large pieces of plastic wrap around the color-treated hair (while the formula is setting). After the plastic wrap is secured, use a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment set to low pressure and high heat.

Don't: Waste Hair Color When Touching Up Grays
Because retouching grays can be a once-a-month process or a biweekly chore (depending on your hair), a reusable formula is a must! That way, you don't have to chuck the whole box after each application.

Do: Use Sulfate-Free Shampoo to Keep Your Color Vibrant
Sulfate-free shampoo, particularly one formulated for color-treated hair, can help keep your color from fading.

Don't: Try to Correct a Drastic Color Change With More Color!
If you've gone too dark or too vibrant, don't try to correct it all at once. And definitely don't try to re-dye it right away -- remember tint won't lift (or take off) tint. To remove tone from your strands, commit to a weeklong routine of a daily deep-conditioning treatment coupled with clarifying shampoo.

Do: Try Toning at Home
Skip a trip to the salon by using a boxed shade two or three levels greater than your base to color-correct (or tone) at home. Instead of your regular application (where you would let the color set for 20 minutes), you'll want to apply the formula to wet hair and just do a quick on/off application -- similar to how you might apply a deep conditioner.

Do: Layer Your Color
When it comes to coloring your hair, less is always more. Whether you're hoping to achieve a drastic change or a subtle shift, remember that you don't have to get to your desired shade in the first application. Layering color over time will look more natural and less forced.
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