How to be financially fearless and fashionable all at the same time

Former guest editor Alexa von Tobel knows a thing or two about finances. She's been able to create a growing empire through her company, LearnVest, which teaches & helps people become financially sound. They offer advice, council and much more, which is why her newest book, 'Financially Fearless' is the next step to helping men and women understand and manage their finances.

Her book is divided into three main sections: Where are you right now, your 50/20/30 program, and protect yourself. Each section offers advice and worksheets that help you manage your finances. We asked Alexa to give us her three biggest money saving tips!

Tip 1: Set up direct deposit to put your paycheck directly intoyour savings account. This way you can think of adding money into your checking account as a regular monthly bill you have to pay. This can be a great way to put money aside and help make sure money is actually going into your savings.

Tip 2: Consider saving your bonus. Though it might feel exciting to finally make that purchase you've been eyeing for months - and, hey, you deserve it! - I promise it will feel even better down the road if you put 90 percent of the bonus straight into your savings. This way you're helping to build up your safety net, plus you still have 10% to spend on yourself!

Tip 3: Think about cutting unnecessary costs. You're likely spending a significant sum of money on items that you don't actually use or maybe enjoy. Take the time to go through your expenses and figure out what really needs to be there and where you can cut back. These little changes can build up and help you save. For example, negotiate your cell phone bill or switch from Cable to HuluPlus.

If you want more financial advice and guidance, check out Alexa's new book 'Financially Fearless' or go to to learn more!
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