How to Avoid Damage from Summer Braids and Updos

In the summer, we're all about the 3 c's: comfortable, convenient, and cute. That's why we love throwing our hair into a high topknot to keep it off our necks, or pulling it into a simple braid. Braids are so versatile that you could wear one every single day for two weeks and never look the same! From a french to the fishtail, a classic or a braided bun, it's a fun twist to your everyday ponytail and keeps you cool at the same time.

Only problem with braids is that constantly tugging, pulling and tying your hair up can cause unwanted damage.

Summer already battles with your hair due to the sun's UV rays, so we have to do everything in our power to protect it otherwise. And this, ladies, means finding the right products to give it strength. Right now, we're loving anything that adds shine and conditions while it strengthens. We caught up with Ammon Carver, celebrity hair stylist and Matrix Creative Director, who told us, "continued tension from pulling hair into braids or intricate twists can cause already weak hair to snap or stretch beyond its capability. Be sure to keep hair strong by regularly treating hair with a strengthening product."

Right now, we're loving Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong Intra-Cyclan Fortifying Cream ($22), a daily treatment that works as a pre-braid or updo spray, and it shields your hair from breakage by giving it a boost of strength. Carver told us that his other go-to new treatment is the Keratindose Pro-Keratin Renewal Spray ($22). "This lightweight, sprayable lotion not only protects hair from protein and moisture loss, but also works to amplify silkiness, shine and helps tame frizz and flyaways. Summer time saving beauty at its best," Carver said.

Time saving is on everyone's mind during the summer, especially when all you want is more minutes to spend lounging in the sun! So whether you have preexisting damage or just want to prevent future hair woes, grab the right products for your arsenal, and braid away.
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