How To Get Perfect Winged Eyeliner

How To Get Perfect Winged Eyeliner

We showed one of our favorite tricks for getting perfect winged eyeliner on Glitter Guide this week! It can be really difficult to get the perfect angle, make the tail of the line super defined and crisp, and then replicate it on the other eye!

This taping trick will help you do all those things so you feel like our artists are dolling you up and you can get that coveted cat eye look all on your own.

Tape (Scotch or Washi)
Eyeliner (we prefer gel liners applied with brushes like Bobbi Brown, MAC, or Youngblood but liquid will work too)

Note: When doing this trick, it's best to start out with your eyes so when you use the tape you done tape off your face makeup.

Step 1- Apply the tape, aligning it from your nose to the corner of your eye to the end of your brow but preferably taping only from the corner of your eye to your brow.

Step 2 - Apply your liner. Feel free to apply over your tape guide!

Step 3- Pull off tape and enjoy your super clean, sharp looking liner, you pro, you!

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