Holiday gift guide: Gifts under $150

So...if you're anything like me, you hate shopping during the holidays. Don't get me wrong...I love seeing the Christmas decor and smelling the yummy Christmas scents in the mall. But to think that I will actually get something accomplished at the mall during this season is delusional. So I take all my holiday gift shopping are my top 7 gifts this season!

Shoes are the best clothing gift, because they are the easiest to fit and they are pretty personal. If you get someone's shoe style right, you're on their good list for life. I love this monogram necklace from BaubleBar because it's super sentimental and personalized, and it's something that your recipient can wear every day. Mugs and candles are obviously the go-to gift...but these ones that I picked out are special edition for this year's holiday season.

Here are the links to my picks...happy holiday shopping!!!

1. Kate Spade glitter sneaker 2. Tartan mug 3. Diptyque candle 4. BaubleBar ribbon letter monogram 5. Kate Spade bluetooth wireless headphones 6. Starbucks travel cup7. Sam Edelman 'Becker' leopard print sneakers
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