H&M is letting its adoring public choose David Beckham's Super Bowl ad

H&M is celebrating Super Bowl XLVIII with an entirely different kind of footballer (well, technically ex-footballer): Why, it's David Beckham, of course!

The Swede mega-brand has chosen the biggest night for America's favorite homoerotic team sport to unveil its latest David Beckham Bodywear collection - and here's the catch (who said I don't know football terminology?): It's letting the public decide which commercial gets to see the light of game-day.

According to a statement issued to press, Beckham was kind enough to film not one but TWO versions of the new "action-packed spot," which, as was previously announced, will be instantly shoppable. Neither 30-second ad been released yet for viewing, and only one of them will play during the big game. What we do know is that one version is called "#Covered" and the other, "#Uncovered." Going off hashtagged titles alone, we can only hope America votes wisely and chooses the latter. Because if there's one thing that can convince me to sit through eight and a half hours of football, it's the promise of seeing David Beckham's bod #Uncovered.

For those of you in NYC, H&M is also transforming its massive Times Square locale into a "Fashion Meets Football" destination inspired by Beckham's campaign. From Jan. 29 to Feb. 2, customers can do some stuff to win some prizes, the jackpot being tickets to the Super Bowl and the chance to meet Becks in the flesh.

Fans with less luck on their sides can also camp out outside H&M Feb. 1, where Beckham himself is slated to make an appearance and take selfies with the first 200 peeps in line. If you happen to pass by, I'll be the one wearing a dalmatian print onesie and Man U scarf, hoarding original-flavored Slim Jims and Sabra hummus snack cups. See you there.

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