High profile fashion editors get stuck in broken down freight elevator leaving runway show

Fashion people are pretty fond of hyperbole, so we tend to tune out any kind of freaking out over fashion week. It's just clothes people! Except just a few hours ago around 50 editors and buyers got stuck in a freight elevator leaving Philosophy by Natalie Ratabesi. A source tells us that fire trucks were even called to the scene.

But far be it from something like a stuck freight elevator to stop an editor from getting to his or her next show. According to the Twitters and some sources on the scene, Teen Vogue's Andrew Bevan andVanity Fair's Michael Carl helped intrepid editors–including Lucky's Eva Chen and Alexis Bryan Morgan–out of the elevator to safety. Apparently Chen and Morgan were the first to lose their heels and GTFOutta there. "Climbing out of an elevator shaft (after the elevator broke at a show) w/ @evachen212 & @alexisbmorgan was pretty epically James Bond of us," Bevan tweeted. We agree wholeheartedly. And just generally think Bevan is grand. "Big thank you to @carlscrush for heroically lifting me out of the stuck elevator. #fashiongirlproblems," Morgan wrote.

To sum it up, we'll leave it to the punny Bevan once again: "Not so elevated fashion... " he wrote on Facebook. Touche. Stay safe out there people.

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Image: courtesy Fashionista

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