Girls Costume Designer, Jenn Rogien, on Vintage Shopping and Dressing Real Body Types

With Girls finally back on air - and with 2 Golden Globes now under their belts - we couldn't be more excited for season 2 and what's in store. And of course, we're even more looking forward to see what Hannah, Shoshanna (Shos, as we now like to refer to her), Marnie, and Jessa will be wearing (or not wearing, in Hannah's case).

We were lucky enough to catch up with Jenn Rogien, veteran costume designer for the show, who was tight lipped when it came to getting into too many revealing plot details, especially when we asked about that intense yellow mash tank top we had been seeing Lena wearing in the previews. However, she did mention that there isn't a "major shift" from last season in the characters' wardrobes, and that if you want to recreate the cast's look, "go vintage!" When it comes to vintage shopping, "go early and be patient" were her two main pieces of advice (we certainly are not pros when it comes to vintage browsing and strive to be better like Jenn). And of course, we couldn't help but ask about the challenges with dressing 4 very different body types. We received a resounding, "it's the best part!" With that, we knew Jenn was the real deal, and that the girls on Girls are really, well, real girls.

Girls airs Sunday nights at 9pm on HBO.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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