The wardrobe staples you need to be Kate Beckinsale chic

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The wardrobe staples you need to be Kate Beckinsale chic
Kate likes to infuse a bit of fun into her look by way of dizzy graphic prints. But, when she's sporting them down below, she keeps things neat and clean up top.
Kate loves to show off her shoulders with a sweetheart neckline and various silhouettes that cinch at the waist. So, when you need a cocktail number for an event, take a tip from her book and let your collarbone take center stage.
Kate's booties play up her more casual looks, from her lightweight minidresses to her jeans. Invest in a few different styles like suede slouch booties, Chelseas, and a pointed-toe pair with eye-catching details.
Never one to shy away from a pop of color, Kate adds quirky heels to her monochrome outfits, lending her looks a bit of a flirty touch.
Of course, Kate Beckinsale turns heads every time she steps outside. She's undeniably gorgeous, after all, and we've yet to see her with a single hair out of place. But, with all that pure perfection going on, it's often easy to overlook the star's on-point fashion game.

Sure, she always appears flawless, but she arrives at her distinctive looks with the same tactic time and time again. Why else would she be such a well-established icon? Kate's a trendy sophisticate, and it's supereasy to pull off her signature style if you follow the steps we've outlined below. Scroll down for all the wardrobe essentials Kate Beckinsale would approve of in an instant.

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