George Kotsiopoulos shares his tips for looking like a movie star

We asked StyleList Guest Editor George Kotsiopoulos, the king of fashion do's and don'ts to share with us his tips and tricks on how to look glamourous at any moment. In fact, he has so many tips that he wrote an entire book on it called, Glamorous by George: The key to creating movie star style. In the book, George gives easy-to-achieve style and fashion tips to all of us who want to look like Hollywood's elite.

These tips are perfect for Fashion Week when trying to choose that perfect outfit. While we couldn't include them all, check out a few of our favorites and get more by picking up a copy of George's book on shelves now!
  • Dress for comfort, well sort of.... -- You must be comfortable in what you're wearing in order to exude confidence. I'm not saying dress like a slob in sweats. I mean be comfortable in your 5 inch heels, your corseted dress and your false eyelashes if that's what you're going to wear. If you don't FEEL comfortable you will look awkward and probably be rather cranky.
  • Be bold with color -- Black is always chic but unless it's over-the-top fabulous it can be forgettable and just blend in. Make an entrance by wearing a bold color that flatters your skin tone. The best way to know which hue? We all have a color we wear that gives us multiple compliments every time we wear it. THAT is your color because public opinion rules.
  • The sky is not always the limit -- Sure, high heels are all the rage but know your limitations. If you aren't an expert runway walker then stick with a heel height you are comfortable in wearing or make sure there is a little platform to lessen the arch.
  • When in doubt overdress -- No one will fault you for looking too good but you'll probably feel super uncomfortable if you're undressed. If you're dressed to the nines you can always say you just came from another event or you're on your way to one after.
  • Get the fit right -- Too big makes you look sloppy, too tight makes you look heavier than you are. The right tailoring can make or break an outfit. Most women have a hard time with their breasts wearing dresses that fit their bodies but not their boobs. It's important to buy a dress that fits your chest even if it's a size larger and have the waist and/or hips taken in by a great tailor.
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