Look of the Week: Gabrielle Union's ESPYs Fishtail

Gabrielle Union could probably do just about anything to her hair and still look amazing, but we have to say we're pretty partial to the fancy fishtail braid she rocked at the ESPY Awards on Wednesday, July 17th.

A super-tight pony piled on top of the star's head started everything off on the right foot, accentuating her cheekbones and defining the rest of her face -- not that it really needed it. A long fishtail braid tossed over her shoulder completed Gabrielle's look.

Whether or not you're headed for the red carpet, a braid is the perfect solution for looking stylish in the summer heat. For a less formal version of Gabrielle's fishtail, take some strands out and mess up your braid a little. It's the only way to go when it's scorching outside.
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