French fashion designers see rise in sales as Paris celebrates 125 years of the Eiffel Tower

Paris may be one of the most romantic cities in the world, but in the fashion industry, it's best known for being a trendsetting, high-fashion city of lights. One of the most iconic structures in Paris is the Eiffel Tower. The iconic wrought-iron lattice tower turned 125 on March 31st and while the city celebrated in truly chic fashion, we're celebrating the iconic designers of Paris.

From Hermes, to Dior, to Saint Laurent, shoppers are splurging on clothing, shoes and accessories from famous French designers – "paying" tribute to this monumental anniversary. In fact, total sales of these brands in the month of February were on the rise by 27% (Hermes), 13% (Dior), 10% (Saint Laurent) on eBay compared to total sales in February of 2013. As the anniversary approached, shoppers turned to their favorite French labels to add some sparkle and pop to their stylish looks, with sales of Cartier up 16% and rouge lipsticks up 21% in February compared to January.

Looks like many are trying to grab their favorite French brands! Check out some of the biggest street style moments from this year's Paris Fashion Week and shout-out to eBay for the fabulous gif.
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