Five style tips from Brad Goreski

Whether you're an expert in fashion or a novice hoping to learn a few things, Brad Goreski understands the importance of fashion and having fun. We asked Brad to share his favorite styling tips and found out that for Brad, fashion is all about you!

Here are Brad's biggest style tips:

Play dress up: allow yourself to be different characters. Don't lock yourself into one style!

Looking expensive doesn't have to be expensive:You don't have to spend a fortune on clothes. Be resourceful. Try vintage stores, online stores and outlets, ebay, and my favorite, wait for sale season to start and stock up then. I love a good discount!

Celebrate the things you love about yourself and stop worrying about the things you don't: We are very quick to know the things we don't like about ourselves or our bodies. Know the things you love about yourself. Those are the areas you will want to highlight. It will make shopping so much easier.

Stand out in the crowd: Why would you want to blend in with everyone else? Wear bright colors, patterns, glitter!!

Treat yourself: Allow yourself one splurge item every season. It's important to do something extravagant for yourself every once in a while.
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