Fill out your Grammy Awards Style Ballot

Music's biggest night is almost here -- the 56th Annual Grammy Awards! You may have seen the list of nominees and decided on who you think will win each award, but we want to know your opinions on something equally as important: their style!

Before the insane performances and acceptance speeches that accompany such a big night, music's hottest stars will walk the Grammy red carpet. We've seen some wild and wacky looks in the past, but that's why this is one of our favorite award shows: the stars always keep us guessing! Which of Taylor Swift's favorite designers will she wear? Will Lady Gaga arrive on a LIVE LION? (Kidding, but if anyone could swing it, it's Gaga...)

Share it with your friends and have fun guessing each of the awards on our Style Ballot. Then, check back Sunday night to find out if your ballot matches our hits and misses.

Download your own ballot here.
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