Feeling stressed? These 3 kinds of food help bust stress and anxiety

April is National Stress Awareness Month, so it's a good chance to stop and think about how stressed out you might be feeling (although, if you are stressed, you may be well aware of it already!).

When we're feeling like our stress levels are getting out of control, we might occasionally turn to food-you know, diving into a bag of potato chips or heading straight to a drive-through. After his son developed colitis, Kevin Lawrence, CEO of BioNutritional Research Group, Inc.-the company behind Power Crunch Bars-studied health and nutrition, and he discovered there are a few types of foods that actually help quell stress.

Fill up on fiber. Fiber helps you feel fuller longer, which means you're less likely to want a banana split when you're feeling stressed out. That doesn't mean you have to load up on prunes or anything, says Lawrence: "A serving of raspberries actually has more fiber than prunes, and apples are a great choice too," he says.

Pack in some protein. Protein also helps us feel full-while also providing fuel for our bodies and brains to get through stressful daily tasks. Instead of reaching for something sugary or fatty, consider having a stick of low-fat string cheese, a serving of Greek yogurt, some low-sodium beef or turkey jerky, or even one of Lawrence's favorite Power Crunch Bars.

Snack on something crunchy. Baby carrots, celery, and snap peas provide the satisfying "crunch" that we often associate with stressed-out snacking. Plus, eating these crunchy foods actually helps release tension in the jaw and neck.

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