Fashion Week Q&A: Brad Goreski Talks Oscar Gowns, Reality TV, and Designing His Own Line

We caught up with celebrity stylist and Zoe Project alum Brad Goreski in the middle of New York Fashion Week at the American Express Sky Box. Season 2 of his Bravo reality show, It's a Brad, Brad World documenting his life as a celebrity stylist in Los Angeles, returns to air on March 6th. In the meantime, he's busy attending runway shows, styling clients for the Oscars, and contemplating designing his own line!

Q: How is Fashion Week going for you?
A: You have to balance everything. I drink a lot of Smartwater. I try to sleep when I can. There are some great parties, and it's nice to see your friends and go out and have a great time, but I've been coming to fashion week for about six years now, so I've kind of gotten into a rhythm. I've been working out. I've been taking a little cute break and going to Equinox. Look, I can barely fit into my jacket!

Q: What shows have you enjoyed, and what shows are you looking forward to seeing?
A: I'm really looking forward to seeing Oscar de la Renta. My clients wear a lot of his clothes. Jessica Alba just wore a gown of his to the Golden Globes that I saw at the Pre-Fall show and I was like, "that is mine!" I love Thakoon. I thought Thakoon was so stunning, just beautiful – perfection in my eyes. Tory (Burch) was fantastic – it was really, really great.
I'm here obviously looking for Oscar gowns, (but) it hasn't been a very eveningwear heavy season. I think there's been a big Downton (Abbey) moment - I feel like a lot of designers are inspired by that. The palette is very dark and feels very heavy. As a stylist who is taking the runway and creating a fantasy, I hope in the next few days there's a lot more fantasy.

Q: Fashion editors take the runway and translate it to retail. As a stylist, your curation of the collection is a lot different than that. What are you looking for when you observe the fashion shows?
A: Red carpet gowns are the easy thing. I'm looking for really chic looks for my clients for press events and talk shows. I'm looking for great coats for going to and from each appearance. I'm looking for day cocktail and great evening. I'm here surveying absolutely everything and curating for each one of my clients. Everything is very individual for me in the way that I work, I don't just show a rotating rack of clothes.

Q: Do you look for trends, so your clients will be on-trend?

A: I don't avoid trends. You do definitely want to be on-trend, but I do like to pick and choose the things that I'm seeing. And not every trend will work on every client of mine.

Q: How is the show going?

A: It's great! This year is a little bit different - I'm a little bit more of a ball-buster. Last year people were like, "you need to get a backbone and start running your business like a business," and I think that I do that now. You really see that in the first episode -some stuff went down during fashion week in September that didn't really make me happy, and you'll see what happens.

Q: Do you see yourself designing your own line one day?
A: I don't think the issue is striking while the iron is hot, or I'd have a line of bow ties and glasses now. I think its more about doing things organically and in their due time. I'm not opposed to doing a fashion line, but I want to make sure it's the right thing, and make sure its something people actually want instead of putting out a bunch of stuff that's already been done.


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