Failing to Meet the Royal Ascot's New Dress Code Will Cost You

Reuters reports that the Royal Ascot, a 300-year-old social event for Britain (which is attended by the Queen and other royal family members) has decided to put a stop to silly, risqué outfits on attendees. Just like the Kentucky Derby, wearing big hats and fancy ensembles is a large part of the event – and the fun of it – but this year, disobeying the new dress code will cost you.

The Royal Ascot is a 5-day glamorous horse race that now has a dress code. If your tickets grant you access to the Grandstand, women are not allowed to wear strapless gowns, show off their midriff, or skirts above a "modest" length. They are similarly restricted from wearing clothes bearing brand names. Men must be wearing a shirt and tie. In the Royal Enclosure, women must be wearing hats while men are required to don "top hats, morning dress and black shoes."

If someone is found to be dressed inappropriately, they will be prompted to purchase – from one of 20 dress-code monitors at the entrance – a tie or pashmina for 5 pounds or rent a hat or jacket for 50 pounds, returnable at the end of the day. If they refuse or are otherwise dressed in an unacceptable manner, they will be asked to leave.

The Royal Ascot used to be more passive about clothing for the event, but felt that some of the risqué and ridiculous outfits of last year misrepresented the centuries-old event. The Queen attends every year, and many feel it is important that it maintains its formality. Nick Smith, spokesman for Royal Ascot, told Reuters that their goal isn't to make the event "stuffy or old-fashioned," just to preserve its original integrity.

Photo Credit: ​Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Source: Reuters
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