Exclusive: Singer Rozzi Crane on Fashion, Beauty, and Being on Tour

Singer Rozzi Crane might only be 21 years old, but she's already leaving her mark on the music world. StyleList was able to sit down with Rozzi at the Bowery Hotel while she was in New York, even though she was just passing through.

The extremely busy lady is currently on tour with Maroon 5, traveling the country via tour bus with the "Daylight" singers until July. As the first new artist signed to Adam Levine's label 222 Records, Rozzi has collaborated with Levine and Maroon 5 on a few songs: one of which you may recognize from the soundtrack of The Hunger Games, "Come Away to the Water."

As soon as we sat down with Rozzi at the Bowery, it was immediately clear how passionate she is about her music. She told us that when it comes to her style and her music, "the 90's as a decade has been really inspiring to me." She loves 90's trends, like "platforms and mini skirts, tying things around your waist," saying those looks are completely her style.

Rozzi's inspiration primarily comes from Destiny's Child, TLC, and '90's hip hop groups like A Tribe Called Quest. When asked to compare her on-stage style with her personal aesthetic, Rozzi said "I definitely have two different personalities, which I think is true for a lot of performers: the one I am in life and the one I am on stage can be really different people. Even though they're both really very me, they're just different sides of me."

In regards to her personal style, however, she said it's largely the same. She loves dresses, boots or sneakers, and lots of black. "I like to feel comfortable and like to feel sexy, and feel that it's specific to me," she told us.

On tour with Maroon 5, Rozzi doesn't always get to wear her go-to color – instead, she usually coordinates with "the boys", as she calls them! They go monochromatic, so the color of the night might be blue or red. Rozzi is all about comfort on stage and in real life, which we love. Isn't it everyone's ideal outfit one that looks fabulous but is completely comfy?

Rozzi told us that her beauty regimen is fairly simple - she's all about keeping her skin clean and moisturized. She admits that even though she's been a performer for most of her life, she's never been very good at doing her own hair and makeup ("I'm just hopeless!"), but we find that hard to believe! When we met her, she had a laid-back-chic look going on, and totally nailed it.

She keeps it simple with her hair, too, but she's always sure to use Moroccan Oil every day. One of her favorite looks is the day after she gets her hair blown out, when she's slept on it, because she said "it still looks nice, but it's just a little bit more free."

One thing she can't walk on stage without are fake eyelashes. She loves big lashes and a defined eyebrow when she's up in lights, and when she can, she rocks her favorite Isabel Marant heeled sneakers. We've seen these sneakers on the likes of Anne Hathaway and Miranda Kerr, and love their sporty vibe.

Rozzi's style icons might not be who you'd expect, but they make perfect sense for her. She loves Rihanna's style (who doesn't?!), saying "to me, she's one of the most beautiful women in the world, just stunning. And I always think she looks so cool."

We agree that Riri's style is incredible, she's never afraid to take a risk and often aces exactly the look she's going for. What's awesome about Rozzi is that she also has multiple male style icons: such as Pharrell, ASAP Rocky and Frank Ocean. She said she loves the way they dress, "and the adapted versions for girls, I totally wear it."

If you don't already know Rozzi and her sultry, stunning voice, you should. Check out more on her website, rozzicrane.com, and listen to her incredible sound! She's one to watch.

Check out the list below to see the essential products Rozzi just can't live without!

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Photo Credit: Travis Schneider

Rozzi Crane's On-Tour Essentials

Rozzi Crane's On-Tour Essentials
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