Exclusive first-look at Blake Lively as Adaline

Imagine if you never aged... well, that's what happens to Blake Lively's character in the new film, 'The Age of Adaline' (sort of). In Theaters April 24, StyleList got its hand on one of nine exclusive Adaline Through the Ages Character Posters for the film, with Blake looking gorgeous in 1920's garb by Gucci of course!

We caught up with costume designer Angus Strathie, Academy Award winner for Moulin Rouge, to find out a little more about Blake's stunning look. "The 20s are interesting for Adaline because she is at her real age – the accident hasn't happened yet and she hasn't gone through the stop aging process. She's still just a girl in her late teens so it's quite an exuberant, happy outfit. The hat was very important because that look was very iconic of the 20s."

When asked about his design process, Angus revealed, "For research, my preference was real photos of the time, photos of families, people's personal pictures, people just hanging out. That was more interesting for us because those would be the clothes she would wear. She always looks smart but again, she needs to be under the radar. She wouldn't want to start being someone where people would really question who she is."

Be sure to check out Blakes new move 'The Age of Adaline' in Theaters April 24th.
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