Exclusive: An Interview with theSkimm Girls

What do you get when you combine easy to understand news (yes, it's out there) with the convenience of a daily newsletter? You get theSkimm.

Carly Zakin from New York and Danielle Weisberg from Chicago met while studying abroad their junior year in Rome, Italy. Following their semester abroad, each went back to their colleges and lost touch. It wasn't until Carly spotted Danielle's byline on an article she wrote for NBC News that she realized they were both working for the same company. Small world? You bet.

The two shared many interests including their love of politics, journalism, and white wine. To their friends, Carly and Danielle were a constant source of news. Their friends would turn to Carly and Danielle for the latest, and they were happy to oblige. "They weren't living and breathing the news like we were," said Carly. One fateful night, the two were texting each other when they came up with the idea to start a business that delivers the top news in a way that is easily digestible, while providing all the information in one place. Yes, you read that correctly. TheSkimm was born through a text message.

"TheSkimm is for someone who is smart, career-minded, and social. They are looking for conversation starters and want to be up-to-date on what's happening in the world," said Danielle. "We wanted to send an email newsletter because that's what we use. I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is check my emails," said Carly. TheSkimm is a daily newsletter sent every morning at 6AM. It's waiting for you when you wake up! TheSkimm covers everything from politics, sports, finance, tech, and entertainment. You name it, they will cover it.

"We start our process with a pitch meeting. Carly comes with her news sources and I come with mine. We don't share sources so during this meeting is when we have the opportunity to present the stories we want to include in theSkimm," said Danielle. Writing for theSkimm can vary and the girls aren't afraid to take their time. "Sometimes, we can write the whole newsletter in an hour, and then other times it'll take up to 8 hours."

The road to success has been full of ups and downs. When theSkimmm was featured in the April issue of Vanity Fair, the two wanted to celebrate. Celebrating for a start-up meant sharing a flute of Prosecco in the West Village. While sitting there, sipping on the fruits of their labor (quite literally), they spotted Sarah Jessica Parker sitting at the bar with them. Being the ambitious girls that they are, they started striking a conversation with none other than SJP. After giving Parker their business card and saying goodbye, the girls went to pay for their drink. Turns out, their credit card was declined. Ah, the life of a start-up.

For Carly and Danielle, two ambitious young women, the success of theSkimm is just the beginning. We can't wait to see what's next for these incredible businesswomen.

If you haven't already signed up for theSkimm, you should. It's wildly entertaining, informative, and well, pretty much, one of our favorite accessories.

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