Everything you need to know about Cricket's Circle

What is a Cricket, you ask? Well, according to Rachel Blumenthal, founder of Cricket's Circle, a Cricket is the friend who always has the answer.

When it comes to being a new mom, the amount of information in the 'ether' can be overwhelming, which is why Cricket's Circle aims to simplify it for you by providing only the best product recommendations. From a highly curated list of products to expert advice from moms like Molly Sims, Rachel has created a branded experience for new moms unlike anyone else.

"We haven't yet seen a site for the modern, sophisticated woman that gets pregnant. Our woman shops at Zara, J. Crew and ShopBop, she has One Kings Lane for home, and she gets news on Twitter. Yet the second she gets pregnant, there's nothing that speaks her language. We're giving her that experience – something beautiful, simple and fun to shop," Rachel remarked.

If you haven't visited CricketsCircle.com, you will immediately notice it's not your average mommy website. The look and feel is incredibly grown-up and the information is easily digestible. What makes it stand apart even more are the unique illustrations found across the site. "Just because someone has a kid, doesn't mean they want to be spoken down to or look at kid-like websites. We are creating an environment that a woman feels like she wants to visit," Rachel said.

With more than 600 products featured on the site, Rachel has grown a vast arsenal of content into a curated list, which is no small feat. The success of Cricket's Circle rests in the passion and compassion of mothers and friends who visit the site. To check out Cricket's Circle for yourself, click here!
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