Everyday Flawless Makeup Tutorial with B. Jones Style

In the FIT AND FABULOUS series, I'm focusing on not only getting fit, but also feeling fabulous. Everyone can use a dose of fabulous now and then, and for me I was feeling drab and in need of some new makeup. So armed with Christmas money I headed to Sephora and got a load of new products, all from Make Up For Ever.

I've struggled with acne, aging (I'm 32!) and pregnancy pigmentation which needed some serious coverage. The Make Up For Ever products give really great coverage and give me that everyday flawless look that I want. With all my new products.. I'm feeling so fresh and ready for the new year.

Now, I'm sharing the products that I use and giving you a tutorial teaching you how to achieve the everyday flawless look. Tweet #bjsfitandfabulous if you have any other makeup tips for girls in need of a dose of fabulousness.

Photo Credit: B. Jones Style

Neutral is Always New: The Freshest Nude Products

Neutral is Always New: The Freshest Nude Products
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