This cuticle cream is a serious winter skin-saver

Ragged cuticles and hang nails galore are more than a cosmetic issue – they hurt! For me, these are the two tell-tale signs that it has been way too long since I've satin a manicure chair, but as much as I love a little pampering, it's just not always convenient to dash off to the salon at unruly cuticles' notice. I was desperate for some relief a couple of nights ago, so I went digging through the glossarie test lab and uncovered Eve Lom Cuticle Cream. Sweet relief!

A dab of this intensive moisturizer on each nail instantly improved things tenfold. My fingers went from red and angry to smooth and clean. not only does what's in the pot help with the appearance of neglected cuticles, it made them feel better – fast. The formula absorbs quickly, doesn't leave my fingertips greasy, and it locks in moisture, helping to protect my cuticles from environmental factors (like incessant hand-washing, thank you motherhood).

This may be a luxe solution to a simple problem, but for less than the cost of a gel manicure, I can keep my natural nails in top condition, increasing the time between visits to the salon.

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