Eva Chen's bargain bag: You'll never guess where she got it!

By York Avenue
Speaking of Instagrammers I love...you all follow Eva Chen, editor-in-chief of Lucky Magazine, yes? She is so awesome. She's in the "fashion world," and yet she seems so funny, silly, down to earth, and real. I love her signature cab shots where you get to see her fabulous shoes and bags (and the ever-present shiny red apple!), as well as her manicure shots and all of the peeks into her life as she galavants around the city. She just seems so fun.

Anyway, a few weeks back I saw the above cab shot on her Instagram and immediately kind of freaked out for that fantastic black studded tote. I clicked for brand info with low hopes, figuring it was probably Alexander Wang or Gucci or something else egregiously out of my price range. I was SUPER shocked and thrilled when the brand that popped up was actually Aeropostale! I haven't shopped there in years, and I was surprised and impressed to see that Eva mixes high and low like that...very cool!

By the time I got around to looking for it it was sold out, so I turned to E-bay, and luckily, I found it new with tags! I seriously love it so much. It's edgy, it's lightweight, it's roomy, and it was CHEAP (like 30 bucks). The best part of all is that IT'S COVERED IN BLACK STUDS (in case you didn't notice). Thank you, Eva Chen!
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