Emma Watson's bold brows on 'ELLE' UK -- How to

Beauty icon Emma Watson shows off beautiful, bold brows on the December 2014 cover of 'ELLE' UK magazine. We have some tips to help you achieve her signature brows below!

Emma Watson, 24, is looking and feeling as fierce as ever. She has a big and bold feminist personality with a beautiful face to match. Read how to get her look of her fierce, signature brows right here.

Emma Watson On 'ELLE' UK - Bold, Beautiful Brows
Emma proves that working with what you have can give you beautiful results. Her brows were always on the bold side - they're a little thicker, and have a unique, dominant shape. The rest pretty low and close to her eyes.

To get Emma's signature brow look, use the spoolie end of the Boots No7 Beautiful Brows Pencil to brush your brows in the direction they naturally grow. For Emma, her brows were brushed up and away from each other.

Then flip the product to the pencil side and start shading in your brows lightly. No need to draw an outline around your brows, but use the color to make your brows look fuller and shaped. Keep the inner parts of the brow slightly lighter than the rest of the brow.

Go back and fill in any sparse areas, and then flip the pencil over one more time and brush the spoolie through the brow to give a more natural effect.

Emma Watson Knows What A Feminist Looks Like
In atweetfrom ELLE UK magazine, there is a pic of Emma wearing a gray crewneck sweater with white letters in script that read: "This is what a feminist looks like."

According to the ELLE UK website, Emma shares with Editor-in-Chief Lorraine Candy her feminist views and more about the speech she gave at the UN Summit in September. You can read the full interview when the issue is released in November.

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