Emma Stone's 70's Inspired Red Carpet Beauty

Emma Stone's 70's Inspired Red Carpet Beauty

Emma Stone can do no wrong!

At the premiere of Gangster Squad, actress Emma Stone, 24, arrived looking flawless in a blazing red Lanvin mini-dress. Stone, a brand ambassador for Revlon was perfection with dark green eye make up and subtle red lips. StyleList had the chance to speak with Emma's makeup artist & friend, Rachel Goodwin about her approach to Emma's makeup for the premiere.

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StyleList (SL): What was your overall approach to Emma's makeup?

Rachel Goodwin (RG): We wanted to create a glam, 70's inspired look with lots of drama. The type of makeup where you are unapologetically sexy. We were inspired by looks like Michelle Pfeiffer in "Scarface," it's just such an amazing, dramatic look.

SL: What is it like working with Emma?

RG: I have been working with Emma since she was 17 years old on "Superbad." She is such a chameleon. We've created such a close friendship that we play around with new looks and colors that will accentuate her natural features. Emma has such amazing light skin and I hate covering that up, so I only use a little foundation so you can still see her freckles and young skin.

SL: What is the biggest beauty mistake you see celebrities and everyday people making?

RG: One of my biggest pet peeves is when concealer is too light or pale. When people try and cover up dark circles with mis-matched concealer, it winds up looking more raccoon than before. My other pet peeve is when people are overly perfected. Makeup is supposed to accentuate your natural look but for some, that over-perfect (contouring the cheeks, the perfectly shaped smokey eye, perfect lips) it ages you!

SL: What is the most important thing you would tell our viewers who are looking to experiment with makeup?

RG: The most important thing is to have fun and be expressive! If you are naturally drawn to a color like burgundy, there is a reason and you should play around with it! Practice makes perfect and don't be afraid to try different looks you see.

SL: We always like to ask, what's the one thing in your makeup bag you can't live without?

RG: It would have to be mascara! I am obsessed with my Chanel mascara. I've got really light lashes so I can't leave the house without it. Also, I always have lip balm. I love Burt's Bee's Tinted Balm with SPF. SPF is really important especially because I live in California.

We can't wait to see Emma in Gangster Squad. To learn more about the Gangster Squad, visit our friends at Moviefone by clicking here!

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