Easy on the eyes: eye treatment tips from a top specialist

By The Beauty Experts at: L'Oréal Paris

Even the most genetically blessed amongst us eventually show signs of aging (Sophia Loren). The goal is to do it gracefully. A healthy lifestyle and positive attitude help, but let's be honest; when it comes to lines and wrinkles, which usually appear first around the eyes, it's using great products that can make the difference. Thanks to ultra-smart advances in over-the-counter treatments and expert professional advice, you can help stave off dreaded under-eye wrinkles, puffiness, and upper eye droop with strategic skincare strategies. The prospects look good.

We consulted with top Esthetician and Skincare Specialist, Micheline Reboh, from the exclusive Paul Labrecque Salon New York City, who shares her eye-opening advice, starting with prevention, of course, as the best defense. There's no science on when to begin using eye creams, treatments, and other anti-aging products. Lifestyle, genetics, environmental factors, and personal preference all play a roll. "Lack of sleep, bad diet, and smoking can reflect and show damage. Start young with a good regimen" Reboh says. "Take time to use an eye mask rich in collagen. And protect your eyes all the time against the elements of sun, smoking, strong wind, alcohol, and hot-spicy foods. Wear sun glasses!" We love our cool shades, but in the long run (hopefully the long-long-run) we all end up needing a little smoothing and tightening.

Micheline talks with us about repairing damage with treatments that are luxurious, powerful, and effective. "Hydrate first with a serum to repair loss of elasticity and build up collagen," which decreases in production as we age. In treating her clients at Paul Labrecque Salon, Micheline uses products with a range of ingredients, including avacado oil, acai berry, and tea extracts as well as collagen and elastin to help soften the look of wrinkles around the eyes. She's also a fan of multi-purpose products.

You need products to improve elasticity, hydrate, reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes, and that soften wrinkles and fine lines.

So in terms of an eye treatment regimen, we're looking for products with dual and triple action formulas that repair, replenish, and refirm the delicate eye area. For instance, an intense gel can give some lift to the upper eye area, while ingredients like Pro-Retinol A minimize wrinkles and puffiness under the eyes, and Hyaluronic Acid quickly penetrates skin to help ward off wicked crow's feet.

Given how sensitive eyes and the surrounding skin are, Michelin encourages her clients to be extra gentle when applying their eye treatment cocktail. Using your ring finger, she says, "Massage your eye cream outside to inside, with very small pressure to drain and deflate swelling. Smoothing movements, gently massage in round circles." Think small dots of cream under the eyes and on crow's feet. Some products, we learned, even come with special applicators, like a cooling tip, for extra gentle and precise application and a nice soothing feeling.

In a pinch, Micheline also tells her clients to try good old tea bags for a quick, puff-reducing fix. We love the au natural way, but we can't resist a medicine cabinet full of pretty little jars, vials, and bottles! Beauty junky or not, eye treatments, in general can be used both at night and again in the morning as an excellent base for concealer or eye makeup. Did someone say makeup? Stay tuned!

Photo Courtesy of L'Oreal
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