You're exfoliating your skin all wrong

Exfoliation is a key component of healthy skin. But the one thing people don't always realize about it is they may not be doing it right. And exfoliation gone wrong is, well, less than pretty.

Sloughing off dead skin cells can keep skin clear, healthy, oil-free and acne-free, but only if you do it correctly. Here are a few dos and don'ts to ensure you're getting the the best results possible.

Exfoliate in the morning, once or twice a week.

Make exfoliation a part of your morning routine. Skin renews itself overnight, making the morning the perfect time to scrub away. Don't scrub too hard though – once or twice a week will do it, even if you're oily. Over-exfoliating can be too harsh for delicate skin. Slap on your favorite moisturizer post-scrub, to regulate oil production and keep things smooth.

Pick the wrong scrub.

Choose your exfoliating scrub wisely. Jagged granules can cut through sensitive skin and damage capillaries, causing redness and irritation. Perfectly rounded beads are the way to go.

Know your skin type.

Before you reach for the face scrub, take some time to study your skin. Are you dry? Make sure to go extra gentle. Are you oily? Make sure you're not stripping too much oil and aggravating your skin even more. Acne-prone? Consult your dermatologist before exfoliating.

The most important part of exfoliation is to know what you're doing, and if you've read these tips, you're well on your way.

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