Dolce & Gabbana found not guilty of tax evasion

Italy's highest court ruled Friday that Dolce & Gabbana is not guilty of tax evasion, ending a decade-long dispute with the Italian government.

An appeals court found Dolce & Gabbana guilty back in April, sentencing the party to 18 months in the big house and fining them over $550 million. Following the verdict, the designers' defense team vowed to go to the top court with a final appeal. And the defense team's argument -- that Dolce & Gabbana were too caught up in the creative aspects of their business to know that they were breaking the law -- worked.

According to WWD, a five-member jury deliberated for three hours and decided that "there was no ground for a case" and overturned the two previously issued sentences. The verdict also exonerates fellow defendants Cristiana Ruella, D&G's general director; Finance Director Giuseppe Minoni and accountant Luciano Patelli.

The verdict on Prada's tax evasion investigation is still out, however.

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