Do you have sensitive skin? A Derm offers underarm advice

Do you feel like your underarms are always dry, irritated or itchy? Do they burn after you put on lotions, cream or deodorant? A top derm answers your questions about what to do if you have sensitive skin!

Having sensitive skin can be extremely painful. Dry skin, bumps, reactions and rashes - they are not pleasant but they CAN be prevented. Expert dermatologist Dr. Lori Haddadis answering YOUR questions about your embarrassing skin issues.

Sensitive Skin - Save Your Skin From Pain & Irritation

Dermatologist Dr. Lori talks to EXCLUSIVELY about what to do if you have sensitive skin.

To begin, use a gentle cleanser in the shower. I like to recommend certain cleansers with ingredients that can help to soothe the skin. I like using Neocutis Gentle Skin Cleanser.

After cleansing, it's important to shave your underarms with a clean, sharp razor and to use shaving gel, which softens the hair follicles immediately - rather than shaving cream, which can take up to 20 minutes to soften hair.

Since reactions are frequently caused by artificial dyes and heavy perfumes, Dr. Lori says Sure Deodorant Unscented will calm your sensitive skin while still offering powerful wetness and odor protection. Of course, if you want a light fragrance, they offer that too.

"Some people want a fragrance in their deodorant and others don't - Sure has different scents but they are all mild. It's not overpowering to anyone - not like some body lotions or perfumes. In fact, I don't wear any body lotions or perfumes, but people often think that I do because I wear Sure Fresh Scent. It's really just from the very light fragrance - it's not too much. It's quite lovely. And it works. I think it's fabulous."

Sure deodorant is safe for all skin types. If you have extremely sensitive skin, Dr. Lori recommends using the Unscented Solid. Sure also contains soothing ingredients like aloe and vitamins A & E for your sensitive skin.

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