Do pretty people have an advantage in the office? Yep. Here's why.

Economist and author Alison Wolf explained to the Daily Mail why being good-looking is truly an advantage at work -- because yes, it's actually a thing. Turns out, being pretty (or handsome), slim and radiating good health isn't just appealing sexually to a potential mate, but also has an impact on your career.

A good-looking individual gives off signs of "general 'fitness'" -- not only indicating that they're a good mate, but creating positive first impressions in the workplace. When vying for a job or simply trying to succeed in your current one, you strive to give the impression that you're intelligent, competent and trustworthy. Being attractive helps sell this story.

Wolf explains that we see "physical characteristic as evidence of underlying quality; we like to be among the successful and able." And if you're hiring for a position, don't you want someone who appears capable? Also worth noting is that it's not just women who are affected by their beauty, but men as well. Height and weight are also factors -- height largely for men, and weight for women. Tall men are assumed to be strong, energetic and capable, qualities shorter men appear to lack, and women who are obese are "read" to be without control over their weight -- and thus possibly in the workplace. (Daily Mail)

This information can be jarring, as a lot of our appearance is out of our own control. We don't choose our genetics or the layout of our facial features, but it's widely acknowledged that a degree and certificates can only take you so far. We know that people skills are as hugely important in a career as doing the specific work you're assigned, so it shouldn't be a shock that appearance also has a large impact. We strongly believe that beauty is universal, and so what we're taking from this information is that being well-kept and taking pride in your appearance (not vanity, just pride) will take you far -- in all aspects of life.
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