Do men and women react differently to a fat first date?

If you haven't heard of the dating app Tinder, then you're likely not in your 20's and single. Tinder is an app that serves you potential 'dates' based on your likes on social media and friends. The app allows you to swipe left or right, yay or nah -- it's pretty simple.

The website Simple Pickup, which appears to be an advice, blooper and video site decided to find out what would happen if a woman, wearing a fat suit, went on a Tinder date and the video is going viral. Here is what happened:

The reaction from the five men is pretty expected, surprised and well.. pissed off. The men appeared to not get over the fact that she weighed more than what they saw in her picture. One man even remarked that "he wasted gas," one claimed he was married, and one went the bathroom and never returned. On the flip side, the guys at Simple Pickup conducted the same experiment this time, with a man dressed up in a fat suit. Here is what happened:

The women were arguably nicer, but the guy was sort of a jerk. After claiming he liked fit women and hated dogs, the women still put up with the conversation and one even gave him a big kiss at the end of the date. While we don't want to jump to any conclusions about all men or all women, the video is an interesting look at how men and women really feel about weight and dating.

Want to know what Simple Pick up is? Watch this:

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