DIY: Dip-Dyed Hair Styling

By: Fiore Beauty

Dip-dyed hair styling is such a fun way to change up your look and play a little. You can color-block the end of your ponytail or have a sweet little colorful ombre! You can mess round, wear it, and know that it's going to wash out when you get bored since it's temporary. Our favorite hair chalk for the dip-dying is Kevin Murphy's Color Bugs. They're easy to use, come in great colors, and most importantly are formulated to come out (art store chalk is a gamble, ladies).

Heres how to do it:
  1. Decide what look you want and think about what type of placement you want. All over, ombre, color-blocked at the bottom. If you're going to have your hair up, put it up now.
  2. Apply product- you need to have some product on your hair to protect your hair and give the color a bit more to grab on to. Spray the portion you will be chalking with hairspray. If you have super light hair, put in a Argan Oil or leave-in conditioner before it dries as extra insurance for it to come out. If you twist your hair as you apply it there will be more texture for the chalk to attach to. If your hair is super-dark and the color isn't showing, you can dampen your hair with water for more color-payoff. Brush it a bit when you're finished color-bugging so that excess comes out and dosen't get on your clothes.
  3. Enjoy your colored style!
  4. To wash out, brush as much out as you can first before getting it wet.
Photo Credit: Fiore Beauty
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