DIY: Design A Neon & Hex Nuts Bracelet

StyleList Contributor shut up, i love that shirt on you catches the crafty fever. Here, she gets inspired by a rainy day to create a DIY jewelry project.

"I didn't want to get too ahead of myself in case the results turned out to be sort of lame, so I selected a few bags of tiny gold hex nuts and a roll of neon pink cord. Once I got started braiding, looping and knotting, I couldn't stop. I tried and re-tried some different techniques (thank you, 10 years of summer camp friendship bracelets) and eventually created some bracelets I really love!"

"So for this first one, I just did a simple braid, but instead of using just three strands, I doubled up and used six. This created a thicker, stronger band, and held the hex nuts in place perfectly. I pulled two strings through each one, then just braided normally while pulling very tightly."

"*I think you can find these supplies at any hardware store. The cord was about $5, and the bags of 8 hex nuts are about $1.20 each. (Keep in mind these could also be inflated NYC prices, so you might be able to try this for even less!)"
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