MAKER, entrepreneur, cancer fighter Diem Brown passes away

Diem Brown, a MAKER, entrepreneur, television personality and activist who has inspired us for years, has died at age 32. Originally diagnosed with cancer just out of college, Diem's battle with ovarian cancer was captured on camera while she was a cast member on an MTV reality show.

Through her battles with the disease, Diem became a beacon of hope and perseverance. She had this incredible drive and sense of hope, a refusal to give up on living a life she loved. While fighting cancer, Diem founded MedGift, the first-ever medical gift registry for those dealing with severe illnesses.

Watching her friends start to get engaged and have babies and the ease with which you could purchase a toaster or baby blankets with the click of a button, Diem thought to herself, what about if someone you love falls ill? Dealing with medical bills, finding a high quality wig that can cost upwards of $2,000, paying for medical equipment... it all adds up extremely fast. So Diem wanted to create an easy way for people to help their loved ones who are sick.

Diem's cancer resurfaced in 2011, and then again in 2014. Watch her MAKERS video below to see more about her work to help others suffering from similar afflictions.
Diem Brown: Cancer Survivor & Entrepreneur
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