Did you hear? Woman sues Prada after champagne spill...and wins!

Chung-chung. In the fashion justice system, Prada-based crimes are considered especially heinous. And, in Australia, at least, the courts seem to agree.

In what might just be the greatest example of a first world problem, like, ever, the Herald Sun in Melbourne reports that Catherine Whitty, while celebrating her 40th birthday, spilled champagne on her newly purchased $1,660 Prada skirt(pictured right). And, as if that crime wasn't horrifying enough, the dry cleaners couldn't get the stain out.

So, what's a gal to do? Take 'em to court.

According to the newspaper, Whitty's drycleaner told her no liquid stains would be able to be removed from the silk skirt - not even water.

"Ms. Whitty told the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal she'd chosen the A-line skirt because it was a timeless piece that she expected to wear many times," the Herald Sun reports. "She launched tribunal action, arguing sales staff at Prada's flagship store on Collins St. knew she was buying the piece for a champagne celebration and should have warned it was unsuitable."

But Prada's Albin Cheng told the tribunal the skirt had been suggested for its fashion sense - not for its ability to pair well with Dom Pérignon.

"This was not caused by us," he said, according to the newspaper, adding that Whitty didn't take the skirt to the cleaners until Monday, after the Saturday night spill.

Tribunal member Peter Moloney disagreed, however, ordering Prada Australia to refund Whitty for the full price of the skirt, adding that clothing, in general, shouldn't get ruined by a spill or drops of water, according to the Herald Sun.Note to fashionistas, everywhere: If the devil wears Prada, make sure she carries an umbrella. And a sippy cup.

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