Upperlyne's Current Beauty Favorites: "Spoil Yourself"

Contributed by Upperlyne:

Confession. I've been spoiling myself, like a lot a lot. It started on Valentine's Day where I felt overwhelmingly compelled to order myself some goodies because ummm I deserved it? Then it snowballed from there. Now I'm afraid I've started a habit that will be hard to tear away from because everything I've been using lately has made my face feel like it's living the life of luxury! I'm pretty skeptical so pretty much everything in my medicine cabinet was referred by one of my trusty friends. Turns out that if I spend a enough on a product, I am more inclined to use it to the very last drop so I'm definitely going to keep this up! I've never been consistent with beauty routines (ie - lack of care for zee hair) but I certainly will now.

fresh soy face cleanser - At around $35 for 5 fluid oz, I probably won't be buying another helping of this cleanser but I really like this stuff. It's simple, smells good, and great for sensitive skin. | aesop mandarin hyrdrating cream - (Thank you Cindy for introducing me to this gem of a beauty line!) I've tried everything from $6 Trader Joe's to $$$ La Prarie but am pretty set with Aesop. The only thing is that it's so moist that I only need to use it once in the morning. Otherwise my face gets a bit oily. | c.booth ginger body scrub - Picked this up from CVS for weekly exfoliation. I'm not sold, so I think I'll go back to my trusty Simple Sugars scrubs | hard night good morning detox mineral masque - ah, my post-weekend facesavers. This stuff is so good for taking all of the weekend debauchery off your face. I'm convinced it sucks all the alcohol and cheese fries out of my pores.

My darling friend Lauren spoiled me with two tubes of Theodent, a luxurious toothpaste that is made from cocoa beans that whitens and is non-toxic! Love this company's mission and the packaging is positively adorable.

bumble and bumble creme de coco - Converted since the day I used a dab at my solemate Sara's apartment years ago. It's really the only shampoo that locks in moisture. | ysl touche eclat - I cannot stress this enough: worth every penny | estee lauder eye cream - still in testing phase. wish me luck! | lilash - thanks to testimonials from Rachel and Victoria my lashes are growing out of control! It took about 3 weeks to see growth but I'm so happy with the results.

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