Country music sensation Jake Owen talks his new album, Days of Gold, & answers your questions

Country music fans rejoice! Jake Owens' new album, Days of Gold, is out today in stores and online and the singer is eager to share his new music with fans.

We asked on Twitter: If you could ask Jake anything, what would it be? The questions started pouring in from some of Jake's biggest fans and we rounded up our favorites.

The country music star stopped by our offices for a rapid-fire Q&A and Jake revealed the details about his bangin' new album, upcoming tour, his musical influences, and any plans for baby #2.

Check out the interview below, featuring your reader questions from Twitter and Jake's answers. Don't forget to grab your copy of his new album, Days of Gold, for everybody on your holiday shopping list!

@jen_beaton: Jake! You're amazing and @Emilee_Martin are your biggest fans! What's your favorite song on #DaysOfGold?
- Jake: I would say my favorite song is probably..."What We Ain't Got".

@bonespower: What makes #DaysOfGold so special for you? P.S. We LOVE the new songs!!
- Jake: I think it's an eclectic mix of songs that I was really proud to record just because I was able to sit back as a fan and listen to it.

@carolsyversen13: What's your favorite party song on the new record #DaysOfGold?
- Jake: Definitely "Tall Glass of Something".

@adventuregirl98: What was the first concert you saw and how did it impact you as an artist?
- Jake: Wow, one of the first concerts I saw...probably the Black Crows. They're so musically talented and Chris Robinson's such a great singer and he's such a cool performer that I think I just learned a lot, not being in country music, watching a guy up there who owns the stage when he's on it. You know you only have a moment in time sometimes to be on that stage in front of people and you got to own it.

@branzer09: We know he loves country but who are some of his favorite rock bands now and from growing up?
- Jake: Black Crows, for sure. I love Van Halen a lot. One of my favorite rock bands is Great White.

@mary9418: When is baby #2 coming?
- Jake: No! (laughs) Just practicing.

@Kurban_gal: Who is the opening act for your upcoming tour, & when are the dates going to be released? We need to plan trips for 'em.
- Jake: Yes, the tour, we are going to be out all year next year but we haven't announced the dates yet.

@BradleyPearce96: When will [Jake] come to the UK?
- Jake: As of right now, it's all in the states. I really do hope to get to the U.K., though.

Jake Owen's new album, Days of Gold, is now available for purchase.
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