Come clean: Be kind to your skin with micellar water

It's bad enough that in the winter our poor skin must face the perils of frostbite outside and arid-as-the-desert air inside. But topping it off with harsh cleansers is a recipe for blotchiness.

Here's a tip: Switch to micellar water.

Think about it: Doesn't your face often feel tight and a little dry after washing, even when you use a super-moisturizing formula? Micellar water (we like this one from Bioderma)--a solution that works like a mild cleanser, toner and makeup remover in one--is your skin-saving grace.

Wildly common in France, micellar water is made up of micelles (tiny oils suspended in soft water). The key is that instead of spreading makeup and dirt around your face (as other removers often do), these micelle molecules veritably "gobble up" impurities without stripping moisture. No more sudsing, rinsing or drying out. Just one simple step.

The concept was tough for us to wrap our heads around at first (apply to cotton pad, swipe on face and we're done? Really? Really?). But, truth be told, that squeaky-clean feeling you're used to is actually damaging your skin by stripping away the good oils. After a week sans soap and tap water, we're starting to believe it.

Just don't hold us accountable for the nights you're facing ten coats of mascara. You might need the infantry for that.

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