Colbie Caillat chats about ASPCA and 'magic pants'

Singer Colbie Caillat may be best known for her hit singles 'Bubbly' and 'Realize' (to name a few), but there's one passion she holds near and dear to her heart, animals. Colbie is partnering with the ASPCA for their newest campaign called "Come to Their Rescue," a campaign aimed at saving 3 Million animals in shelters around the country.

Colbie is set to star in the organizations newest PSA launching this summer with her dog Plum. StyleList caught-up with Colbie about the campaign to find out why she decided to align herself with the ASPCA. "I love animals, I'm really big on animal rescue and adoption. I've been working with other rescue groups for years and when the ASPCA approached me to be in their new PSA, I was honored to do it," explained Colbie.

Colbie is in-fact so dedicated to the cause, she has adopted all four of her dogs including a pitbull she described as "the kindest and most gentle dog." Adoption isn't just something Colbie feels passionately about, her entire family including all five of her parents dogs have come from shelters. "Adoption should always be your first option. These animals need our help," said Colbie.

When asked how Colbie likes to spend her downtime with Plum and her other furry friends, Colbie described to us her typical lounging outfit, in fact, she was wearing it as we spoke saying, "I'm wearing a white V-neck t-shirt and sweats from Victoria's Secret. I'm obsessed with comfort and material that feels amazing on your skin. Outfits should be effortless." In fact, she is so obsessed with her sweats, she likes to refer to them as 'magic pants.' Yes, we feel the same way about them Colbie.

You can donate to the ASPCA or find out more about adoption, by visiting their website here.
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