Christina Aguilera shows off sexy, slim bod during her 'The Voice' performance

Christina stole the show on 'The Voice' - not only did she sound amazing, but she looked better than ever in her sheer bodysuit that showed off so much of her svelte frame.

Christina Aguilera is looking better than ever and she clearly has the confidence to go along with it! The 32-year-old star looked absolutely incredible, from head-to-toe, as she performed on the Nov. 4 episode of The Voice with Flo Rida, where she stole the spotlight in a sheer, embellished bodysuit. After an almost 50-weight loss, Christina is without a doubt sexier than ever - and she loves showing it off!

The How I Feel songstress took sexy to a whole other level. We love the fact that Christina is embracing her figure! The beauty rocked a black tuxedo jacket and shortly revealed a netted bodysuit underneath that featured glittering embellishments. The sexy ensemble was paired with black underwear and a black studded bra that showed off her toned, (and incredibly slender!), physique. The starlet topped off her look wearing a black hat, a red mani, and black pointy pumps that featured diamond detailing on the heels. Bold red lips and glitter on her cheeks added to the over-the-top, glam look. Her blonde locks were worn in a voluminous curly 'do to fit her flawless face. Are you loving Christina Aguilera's Sheer Bodysuit?

The songstress was a sight to see as she worked the stage after dropping almost 50 pounds. Christina shed the pounds thanks to a well-balanced diet, yoga, and gym sessions with trainer, Tee Sorge. The beauty is living proof that diet and exercise goes a long way.

We are in love with Christina's ensemble. This sheer bodysuit looks incredible on her trim body and we love how she owns this get-up and makes it her own.

Image: Getty Images

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